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Woogie Weekend Proves Success In First Year


Woogie Weekend Proves Success In First Year

Slightly strange and definitely unconventional is the perfect description to sum up the three-day event put on by the Do LaB in the serene Oak Canyon Park in Orange County. It was the first Do LaB event in the OC since Lightning in a Bottle in 2010 and the event could not have been put in a better location. Driving into the campground on Friday late-afternoon it was all dirt and hills as far as the eyes could see, then as you turn the last bend in the road the lake appeared, and with it the colorful and psychedelic venue could be seen just beyond. Rows and rows of tents and cars were crowded around by people all setting up their homes for the next three nights. As soon as you stepped foot into the park one could tell that this was a festival like no other.



A serene pond split the area into two sections, on one side was the “beatnest”. Large colorful ribbons were streamed in large pyramids which surrounded the lifted stage. They were laid out perfectly so that there was shade at all times and misters sprayed down on the energetic audience. Crowd members in the beat nest were a whole new breed of their own. Jugglers, hula hoopers, and all around circus folk enjoyed the music by being active and engaging in group juggling exercises. On the other side of the pond was the Hive, composed of numerous octagons much like a honeycomb of all different colors. It didn’t matter which stage you were spending time at, however, because one was just as much fun as the other. Looking out into the crowd all you could see were smiles, everyone was friends with everyone else.


There was no such thing as strangers here. Another factor that set Woogie Weekend apart from any other festival was the vendors. “Normal” food was few and far between. If you wanted a hamburger or pepperoni pizza, this was not the festival for you. However, if a sushi burrito or vegan pizza sounds appetizing then you were in the right place. Awesome smoothies, healthy foods, and craft beers were just some of the highlights of what a hungry patron could expect here, a nice change of pace from the mundane. After seeing the food options, one would not be surprised to see the shops that were set up. Psychadelic clothing, jewelry and accessories all one of a kind could be found at every vendor shop. This shouldn’t be surprising considering that the majority of the crowd-goers were dressed head-to-toe in head-turning getups.




Now for the real reason everyone came to Woogie Weekend, The music. With the music talents of artists such as Autograf, Rufus Du Sol, and Adam Freeland, Woogie Weekend’s first year did not hold back when it came to this lineup. Walking in to the venue Friday afternoon to the musical talents of NonFiction and Josh Billings was nothing but good vibes with their deep and sexy basslines. Leading into Jeremy Sole for some tribal beats transported the crowd into what felt like a different we were a part of a different culture. But nothing could compare to the tropical vibes spread around during Autograf’s Sunday set, reminding us all why we attended Woogie Weekend in the first place. For it being Woogie Weekends inaugural year they did not hold back when it came to delivering a unique experience.