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Tramps Like Us 2014 Recap

This past Labor Day in San Diego, California  My Life Everyday had their annual Tramps Like Us. Every year LED seems to find a way to increase production while keeping ticket costs affordable for all. Stepping into the San Diego Sports Arena you knew exactly where your money was going. A massive stage spread across one whole end of the arena greeted guests as they poured in and down the stairs of each section. Once on the floor, the effects of the cube built into the middle of the stage could be fully appreciatedtramps festie

Not only were guests treated to an amazing stage design, but an insane amount of lights and lasers as well. We were blown away with the visuals at Tramps Like Us, and that isn’t easy for us! Sound was never an issue inside the arena and the bass shook us for hours after we left.
festie stamp 2

Besides the impressive display of audio and visuals, Tramps Like Us was very well put together. Security lines and ticket takers moved quickly and kept the lines to a bare minimum. As for us, we will be returning year after year to this magical two day event and suggest you do the same!