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Lucent Temple of Consciousness Lineup and Inaugural Pre­Event

Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2015 announces full Lucent Temple of Consciousness Lineup and

Inaugural Pre­Event on May 3rd, 2015
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LOS ANGELES, Calif. ­ The tenth annual Lightning in a Bottle music and arts festival has released the
long awaited lineup for the Lucent Temple of Consciousness featuring awe inspiring speakers such as
best­selling author of Conversations with God Neale Donald Walsch, Unified Field physicist Nassim
Haramein, plant medicine expert Dennis McKenna, plus many more impressive exhibits of yoga
instruction, dance & movement, discussion panels, holistic talks, workshops, chefs, and interactive art to
be showcased across the Temple’s multiple stages.

At Lightning in a Bottle, the Lucent Temple of Consciousness provides a sacred space for transformative
enlightenment at Lighting in a Bottle by day.  By night, festival goers can experience audio/visual
exploration through music and ritual performances including world and ethnic dance, belly dance, ecstatic
dance, and unique circus arts. Nearby structures house the expanded Learning Kitchen which will
morph into a silent disco by nightfall, a newly amplified Healing Sanctuary, Mystery School, and the
Meditation Temple Lookout up on the hill.

In celebration and anticipation of this year’s exciting updates to the Lucent Temple of Consciousness,
Lightning in a Bottle production house the Do LaB, will host the first inaugural pre­event “Temple Days” in
downtown Los Angeles this Sunday May 3rd at The Springs LA (608 Mateo St). Temple Days will be a
12­hour urban retreat to activate your body, expand your mind, and open your heart.  For the first time
ever, the Temple’s transformational experience begins three weeks prior to the actual festival itself. For
details, visit the Pre­Event’s Facebook page and RSVP to stay in the loop!

With two expansive yoga tents, Yoga OM and Yoga Namaste, participants can reawaken their body and
mind with over 30 world renowned yoga teachers and freely dance and move with Ecstatic Dance and
Movement.  Interactive art at this year’s Temple will also offer an integrated, engaging experiences with the Healing Sanctuary
New this year on the main stage, an opening night film screening features unreleased documentary about
Russell Brand called “BRAND: A Second Coming”, where he dives head first into drugs, sex, and fame
in an attempt to find happiness. Further panels discussing Sustainability in Business, Love Sex and
Porn, and Thriving as an Artist, will enlighten the mind’s eye throughout the weekend.
To get a glimpse of what to expect of the “redinfied” Temple at this year’s Lighting in a Bottle, see full lineup listing below.

FINAL LIB 2015 Temple Lineup


Based in Los Angeles, Do LaB’s mission is to craft experience as art and bring communities together.
Aside from showcasing musicians throughout Southern California, Do LaB is well known for creating
unique art installations/stages and curating cutting­edge acts at Coachella in addition to producing
Southern California’s Lightning in a Bottle, and the 2012 Winter Solstice event The Great Convergence,
which took place at the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Do LaB’s work has also been showcased at Virgin

Music Festival, Global Gathering, Portugal’s Boom Festival and many more.

FINAL LIB 2015 The Village Lineup


­ Sustainability in Business: CEO and co­founder of Thrive Market Gunnar Lovelace, California Baby founder Jessica Iliscoy, and Product Manager Ecofilter and founder of Eco superheroes Joey Mendelson
­ Thriving as an Artist: Mear One, Brent ‘Shrine’ Spears, Rachel Mandala, Christina Angelina, Daniel
Bilmes, and John Park moderated by the Do Art Foundation’s very own Carmen Nunez
­ Love, Sex and Porn: Tantra Master Mark Whitwell, Porn Director Dana Dane, Tantra Teacher  Kamali
Minter, Relationship and Sexuality Coaches Eva Clay and Bryan Reeves, moderated by Dream Rockwell


Guru Singh Khalasa
Micheline Berry
Mark Whitwell
Felicia Tomasko
Michael Brian Baker
Jules Febre
Gigi Snyder
Cheri Rae Russell
Kishan Shah
Cristi Christensen
Joan Hyman
Tony G
Bizzie Gold
Brian Campbell
Sita Devi
Jai Dev Singh
Shawni and Friends
Ari Kanamori
Aruna Rigdzin
Gianna de la Torre
Gloria Baraquio
Lara Berg and Kevin Heidt
Jaysea Devoe
Kurt Johnsen
LA Finfinger
Scott Winslow
Ry Toast
Kristina & Joerael
Jen Ator and Brett Hoebel


Felicia Tomasko

Michael Brian Baker


Alix Txe


Raul Rosiles


Shamans Dream with Rana Satori

Ryan Herr with Tyler Blank

Hemalaaya Behl

RaRa Avis with Eva Clay

Dj CuttArug with Sita Devi



Fernando Bright Feathers

Jennifer Shields

Jeffrey Boynton



Linda Borini


Josie Keys

Jacqui Lalita


Pandora Thomas

Rising Appalachia “Vocal Playshop”

Jason Wrobel

Valerie Farcelais

Dr. Nick’s Essential Oil Wizardry

Cameron Bowman

Kamali Minter

Eva Clay

Magda Freedom Rod

Josh ‘Yehoshua’ Brill

Pema Khandro Rinpoche

LA Finfinger

Zat Baraka

Joanne Ameya & Achintya Devi

Robert Kandell & Michelle Wright

Jennifer Partridge

Naada Guerra & Gianna de la Torre

Ashley Booth

David Ede

Ashley Moon Stanfield

Luna Love

Priya Deepika Mohan & James Barnard


Mayan Rune Oracle Readings with Aiesha Cosmos

Dr. Deb ‘Ask the Elder’

Lightning Without a Bottle

Human Design with Akasha

Sacred Ritual Healing with Daniel San


Meredith Klein of Pranaful

Magda Freedom Rod


Cheri Rae Russell of Peace Yoga

Cristina Urioste of Rasa Foods

Sarinya Pui

Aruna Ross of the Yogic Medicine Institute

Jacqui Lalita

Eviane Coton

Aimee Gilchrist of New Belgium Brewing Company