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Krewella Kicks Out Rainman

Have you noticed Rainman not being present at Krewella shows? Well it seems that the sisters have officially kicked Rainman out of the group.

Kristopher Trindl “Rainman” stated that he helped form Krewella with his former girlfriend Jahan Yousaf and her sister Yasmine back in 2010. Now according to a new lawsuit, Rainman said that the girls came up with a lame reason for kicking him out… that he acts too depressed.

It all started out last year when Rainman went to rehab last year. After Rainman’s trip to rehab, he states that the sisters began treating him different. Rainman claimed that they even tried to stage an intervention to try and force him into rehab again because they thought he was depressed.

Rainman is allegedly suing the sisters for more than $7 million damages.

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