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Crssd Fest Opens 2016 Festival Season

Last Saturday, 15,000 music lovers gathered together under the San Diegan sun for the 3rd annual CRSSD Music Festival. Located right on the bay of San Diego at Waterfront Park, this not-so-mainstream festival put techno and house music on an all deserved pedestal, creating an enchanting atmosphere of dancing and inevitable happiness. Each CRSSD lineup has exemplified the dance music evolution towards the deep end and drifting away from the once more-popular bass scene. Bandwagon techno fan or long time house-head, it seemed that everyone was happy with CRSSD fest’s acts.

The venue was smaller than most, which only complimented the low-key, laid back atmosphere the festival gave off. “I love the smaller venue because it adds to the chillness of it all… plus [the venue’s size] makes it easier for me to find my friends if I wander off or get lost” said Alex H. of Los Angeles when asked about her favorite part of CRSSD Fest. Equipped with three beautifully designed stages, a water fountain, gourmet food and beverage stands from over 20 offerings and local breweries, CRSSD Fest gave off a mini-Coachella by the sea vibe.

Without a doubt the lineup curated for Spring 2016 was the best part of CRSSD. Want an education on the underground? This was your place to do it. House and Techno to your heart’s content? Look no further. L.A. Weekly put it perfectly – when Odesza is your most mainstream act, you’re doing something right. The lineup was one of the main reasons I went to CRSSD last year and it’s good to see the founders are sticking to their guns with the acts they book. And I’ve surprised myself that more and more I crave quality Techno sets and CRSSD is one of the few festivals I get a proper dose.