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Coachella 2017 Payment Plan info and On sale Date

2017 Payment Plan Terms Of Sale

Payment Plan Terms

Our Coachella Payment Plan allows the customer the flexibility to pay for their order via the installment payment plan. The ticket purchaser that utilizes the payment plan (“Purchaser”) agrees that their credit card will be charged in installments (“Installments”) once a month for a maximum of 7 months (including initial payment) until their order is paid in full. The number of payments will be proportionate with the number of months remaining in the payment terms. For Coachella that term runs from June 8th – December 8th. The Purchaser will receive an email confirmation each time their credit card is charged. At the time the final payment is made, their order will be available for shipment. The Purchaser further understands that they can, at any time, pay for the order in full. The date of the month that the payment is made is equal to the day of the month in which the initial deposit was made.

Example payment plan schedule on an order of 1 General Admission pass for $399

Payment Amount of Payment Due Date
Initial Payment $57.00 June 8th  2016
2nd Payment $57.00 July 8th  2016
3rd Payment $57.00 August 8th  2016
4th Payment $57.00 September 8th 2016
5th Payment $57.00 October 8th 2016
6th Payment $57.00 November 8th 2016
7th  Payment $57.00 December 8th  2016

* Due to rounding, exact payment amounts may vary by up to 2 cents per payment, however total due will not exceed the order total