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The Bunk Police Test Festival Drugs

The Bunk Police is a  drug-testing organisation run by Adam Auctor . They travel to festivals throughout America, offering punters free drug tests to check the purity of their substances.

While the test and its kits are completely legal in every sense, The Bunk Police still have to smuggle these kits into every festival they attend! The image of having people testing drugs at festivals is simply a no-go for promoters. Instead of accepting the fact drugs are being brought into the event, promoters would rather deny the fact… for obvious reasons. One of is the Reducing American’s Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act (RAVE), which pretty much states that music promoters are liable for any illegal substances.

The Bunk Police have gone one step further by producing this excellent one-hour documentary, ‘What’s In My Baggie?’ It’s an educational, confronting and at-times horrifying look at how what you’re buying, might not be what you think you’re buying  – and the guys who are trying to help you figure that out. You’ll hear about fatalities related to tainted drugs and about the legal and political struggles facing the drug testing crew.

All kits are available on